Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Causes, Symptoms, Treatments and Remedies

Why do we give someone the finger? Because we know that fingers speak – figuratively, anyway. The gestures we make with our fingers can convey meaning. And when we give someone the finger, it means we are telling them to “f*** off”. Believe it or not, we have the ancient Greek comedian Aristophanes to thank for this symbol. He wrote that the ancient Romans used “the finger” to insult other people. Other cultures have different ways of showing “the finger”. In Iraq, the thumbs up is equivalent to the finger. But wait! Is that all finger signs are for? Showing hate? Not at all. When you raise the index and thumb fingers to form “L”, you are making the peace sign. But what about when you raise the middle, index, and thumb fingers? Does this mean you are doing a three-finger salute? No. That is one of the early symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Early Symptoms

Carpal tunnel syndrome shows its early signs when an individual experiences sleeping problem due to numbness and burning sensation in the thumb, index, and middle fingers. This symptom normally occurs at nighttime because carpal tunnel is further compressed when we bend our wrists while sleeping. Other symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome include pain in hand and wrist radiating up to the shoulder, cold hands (or having clammy, sweaty, and literally hands that are cool to the touch), and loss of feeling in the fingers or just the thumb. Other CTS individuals suffer difficulty in hand control and are often clumsy with objects.

It should be noted that most of the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome ticked off above are also present in different ailments. Truth be told, CTS is highly regarded as an idiopathic disease. This means that CTS is a mystery of sort because it shows up spontaneously from an obscure cause. Hence, proper diagnosis must be established if the medical condition is indeed CTS. Recent studies show that ‘Neurophine’ contains ingredients which promote circulation, reduce inflammation, and improve joint and nervous system health. Why not try it? After all, it’s no joke to experience carpal tunnel syndrome. In severe cases, the patient may even be asked to undergo surgery. So the next time you feel those fingers hurt or throb, do not ignore them. They could be showing the early symptoms of CTS – and you should do something about them unless you want to make yourself incapable of making “the finger” forever.

Carpal Tunnel Therapy: Doing It the Popeye and Bugs Bunny Way?

The cartoon character Popeye the Sailor almost lost his ladylove Olive Oyl to Bluto. But thanks to the amazing power of spinach, Popeye was able to snatch Olive Oyl back and throw Bluto into the garbage can. In another other universe (in the toon world, anyway), Bugs Bunny became terribly weak that one time Marvin the Martian ordered that all supplies of carrots be taken from the Earth. All turned out well, though, because Porky Pig graciously shared his last two carrots with Bugs Bunny. Now why are we talking toon here? It’s to illustrate a simple point: diet is important. Even toons recognize the amazing power of vegetables. So should we. For that reason, carpal tunnel therapy will not be difficult at all if only you are aware of the missing components in your diet.

In the early stages of carpal tunnel, you might shrug off danger signs. It’s also possible you will dismiss the numbness and the tingling sensation. You shouldn’t. Those two symptoms are not something you can walk off. Walking off is only effective if you experience poor blood circulation. It is not a carpal tunnel therapy. Curiously, no one knows precisely what causes carpal tunnel syndrome. Some blame it on genetics. The popular belief, however, is that CTS is caused by many contributing factors, among them direct trauma, specific anatomy make-up, metabolic factors, work-related activities, and nutritional deficiencies.

Watch What You Eat

There we go again – back to diet. No matter what you do, you cannot ignore the fact that what you put into your mouth affects your body and its workings. Have you heard about good and bad radicals? Your body has an almost uncanny ability to cure and regenerate itself. But as you become older, your body starts to need more of certain nutrients to function well and regenerate fast. ‘Neurophine’ provides vitamins, minerals, and botanicals that are commonly deficient in the body. The formula in ‘Neurophine’ promotes wrist health and supports anti-inflammatory action, both of which are otherwise non-existent in our regular diet. It is developed to help in carpal tunnel therapy. Why not try it? If Popeye and Bugs Bunny rely on spinach and carrots to be strong, then you sure could use all the help you can get in treating your CTS.

Carpal Tunnel Relief : A Mystery to the World and to Beebe

In 1934, William Beebe and his aide made a world-record descent using the bathysphere. They went 3,000 feet underwater and saw sea creatures so astonishing many doubted their report that these creatures existed. This did not faze famed explorer and naturalist Beebe. Why should it? His world-record descent remained unbroken for 15 years. Beebe talked and wrote about everything he had seen and experienced in the deep. He also said his amazing journey underwater proved one thing: there is nothing left in the world that remains a mystery.

Beebe, for all his derring-do, couldn’t have gotten it more wrong. Many things in the world remain a mystery. One case in point is carpal tunnel relief. Individuals and corporations debate over the correlation between repetitive office work and the development of carpal tunnel syndrome. And while many courts have awarded employees thousands in compensation over claims that their work caused their CTS, the jury is still out on the exact cause of the medical condition. As a matter of fact, sufferers seldom get the carpal tunnel relief they seek because of misdiagnosis. Most CTS cases are idiopathic. What that means is that CTS has no known cause or widely accepted risk factor. Some researchers say genetics is to blame for CTS; others point the finger at environmental factors. Because of this confusion, getting carpal tunnel relief is not as easy or straightforward as people believe it to be.


People suffering from CTS often apply a wrist splint to limit wrist flexion and help them sleep better. Others take anti-inflammatory medications such as aspirin to control the symptoms. These two, however, provide only temporary carpal tunnel relief at best and could be risky when done without medical supervision. The creators of the medical formula called ‘Neurophine’ know this and they used this knowledge to come up with a product that is laden with vitamins and minerals that promote wrist health. ‘Neurophine’ also contains herbal ingredients capable of minimizing swelling. Isn’t that a great thing? With our technology and knowledge, we have no reason to be as naïve about carnal tunnel relief or dismiss the great mysteries of the world the way Beebe did.

Carpal Tunnel Recovery Should Be a Priority

A company executive based in Seattle was interviewing a woman for a job. The woman seemed capable and efficient but in the end, the executive did not hire her. The reason? During the interview, she came off as overly aggressive and frank – and in effect, the most likely to file a lawsuit for CTS two years after.

But wait! A lawsuit for CTS? Is it possible to sue your company over CTS? If your question is the possibility of filing a lawsuit, the answer is yes. After all, anyone can sue over just about anything. But if you mean the possibility that you can file and WIN such a suit, the answer would have to be “perhaps”. The debate whether repetitive working condition causes carpal tunnel syndrome rages on while researchers scramble to find a definitive cure for carpal tunnel recovery.

Your Workspace Matters

Every year, American companies lose billions to workers who file compensation claims for carpal tunnel syndrome. The international debate whether there is a causal relationship between the occurrence of CTS and a particular type of office condition remains ongoing and is highly contested by medical and legal experts. This is so despite the statement issued by the American Society for Surgery of the Hand that no scientific study can prove specific work activities cause the development of carpal tunnel syndrome. Quite ironically, as employees and corporations fight over CTS claims, little attention is being paid to carpal tunnel recovery. If the individual’s goal really is treatment, then carpal tunnel recovery should be a priority. Similarly, if a corporation wishes to avoid future costly litigation, then it only makes sense for it to fund research on carpal tunnel syndrome, its causes, and the means for recovery.

Not everyone blames CTS on repetitive office work, though. Some think that psychosocial and trauma factors may also cause CTS. Others suspect that over time, CTS develops as a result of other diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. The most recent studies pinpoint CTS as a condition that is highly genetic in nature. And because not everyone agrees on the causes of CTS, eclectic methods for carpal tunnel recovery just may prove to be ideal at this point – and no one is more aware of this than the makers of ‘Neurophine’. After all, they have thoroughly studied the many contributing factors that may lead to CTS. ‘Neurophine’ employs the use of selected vitamins, minerals, and clinically evaluated herbs to provide CTS symptom relief. All in all, there may be plenty of debates on the actual cause of CTS, but there is no debating that the irritating disease should be treated properly.